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The Children of the Orient [Ep #1]

Liewellyn Vaughan-Lee is a Sufi mystic and lineage successor in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Sufi Order. He is an extensive lecturer and author of several books about Sufism, mysticism, dream-work and spirituality.

Yet we long to hold life static and so save ourselves form the darkness and chaos that are around us. We have built so many walls and concepts to protect ourselves from life’s unending metamorphosis. We even try to remain young, to keep our bodies in some idealized image of youth or beauty. Our goals and ideals offer a crystallized view of the future, frozen into an image for which we work and aspire. And so we deny the very reality of life, which becomes a monster from which we try to escape. Are we so frightened of what life has to offer us that we need to deny its essential nature of change?

If life does not change, it dies, and yet paradoxically we are so frightened of death that we try to hold back the flow of Life. Without knowing it, we are caught in a masculine idealized image, a longing for perfection that denies the feminine with its understanding of darkness, decay and destruction. Without darkness there can be no birth: nothing creative can take place. Without destruction there can be no cycle of life, only a sterile environment in which nothing grows. If we do not accept the darkness, life will lose whatever meaning it has left. If we do not allow ourself to live in the darkness, the doors of revelation will remain closed.

Initiates have always known that rebirth only happens in the darkness. In the moist darkness  of the feminine, new life is conceived and carried. Should our culture be different, reborn only in the light,  in the brightness of consciousness?

When we envisage a future of technological or scientific progress, we avoid the darkness, just as we have turned away form the primal power of the feminine that is the real giver of life. And so the sterility of our disbelief surrounds us, because we do not dare to welcome the darkness, the unknowing, the wisdom of the feminine.

Life demands darkness: just as the river surface sparkles in the sunlight, so does it have its depths. In the depths there is silence, there is slow-moving balance to the myriad reflections of the surface. The depths carry a quality of life that is essential, even if it is unknowable. We cannot afford to live much longer only on the surface of life. The real promise of our future demands that we accept the darkness of our own destruction and greed, and discover within this darkness the seeds of our own unhappiness: how we have denied ourself something essential to life.

Yet our fat-moving culture seems to have little time for introspection or descent. We are continually bombarded by demands, by the problems or achievements that require our immediate attention. The darkness is an outsider, unwanted, rejected. We see only the destructive powers of darkness, the way it can disturb our ambitions, deny us what we want. The darkness holds a gun or knife to rob us of our possessions. Its potential for rebirth, for resurrection, for revelation, has been long purged from our collective thought –forms. When the priests came with their soldiers and swords to destroy the temples of priestesses and cut down their sacred groves, the potency of darkness was trampled underfoot. For a while this wisdom was carried by the Gnostics and alchemists, but the religious hierarchies of masculine power were thereatened by something they could not control, and persecution followed. Yet the flow of life needs darkeness, needs the depths; and the feminine carries the instinctual wisdom ofo what is. She knows the simplicity of life, how it comes into being and is always a mystery and wonder. She holds this knowledge in her body, in her very nature.

The Feminine Carries The Connections Of Life

 In the bright light of masculine consciousness, each object stands our clear and distinct. In the diffuse consciousness of the feminine, the patterns of relationship are more visible.
The feminine carries the connections of all of life within her, and for many centuries this has been her secret. Even when the masculine degraded and punished her, abused and rejected her instinctual understanding, she still carried this wisdom; even as it became hidden from their own conscious knowing. Now this wisdom is needed. It can no longer be hidden, but needs to become conscious.
The connections of life are all around us. But while men may know this is abstract, women carry this understanding in the cells of their body. They feel the pulse of life in a way that is inaccessible to men. Cells of woman’s body carry a light that is not present in a man’s body. This is because she is a part of the sacred mystery of creation. She is always a part of the whole of life. Her knowing is not abstract but lived.

The connections of life carry the seeds of the future, of what is being given to humanity. It is through these connections that the energy of life flows. Our understanding of the energy flow of life depends upon our knowledge of the interconnectedness of all of life and how these connections are made. We also need to know how connections can become damaged, torn, destroyed, and how to repair, to mend what has been broken. We need to regain the knowledge of how the threads of life are woven, how the tapestry of creation is formed. We need to bring this feminine wisdom into consciousness so that we can learn to relate to the whole of life.

We can only work with the flow of life when we understand the connections through which life flows. We need to regain an understanding of the dynamics of the relationships that bind together all of creation. The feminine holds this natural knowing within her body the sacred essence of creation. But to protect his sacred knowing from the ravages of the patriarchy and its misuse of power, she hid her wisdom. It was never written down in books, but transmitted from mother to daughter, from priestess to initiate. Then, when the wise women were persecuted and burned, when it became no longer safe to have any access to his knowing, it was pushed into the unconscious.

Many times in the course of humanity, esoteric wisdom has been hidden and so protected from misuse. Sometimes this wisdom can never be regained: for example, many of the secrets of sacred geometry have been lost forever. But if there is a real need, then the wisdom can be recovered. Certain sacrifices have to be made, however. The women who hold this knowledge are still fearful of the power of the patriarchy and its potential for misuse. They carry in their ancient memories the scars of persecution, and often a deep anger towards the masculine. But they have to put aside their own misgivings, and bring their inner knowing into the light of consciousness. Certain connections need to be made within the foreseeable future. If these connections are not made then humanity will move into the dark ages that so often follow the end of a civilization.

If the connections of life are made known, then light can travel through these connections, awakening centers of consciousness within humanity. The light of masculine consciousness cannot find these centers without the full participation of the feminine. The connections cannot be made that will awaken then. Without the activation of these centers of consciousness, humanity cannot take the next step in its spiritual evolution. It will not have access to the wisdom power, and love that it needs. His manity will then remain fragmented, rather than learning to function as a dynamic, interrelated whole patterns of energy-flow around the planet will remain dormant, or function on a lower level. Once again humanity will have missed an opportunity.


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Stages of the Self [Episode #2]

Sheikh Ibn Arabi (RA) lived during the sixth and seventh Hijiri. At that time, Ibn Rushd was a well renowned scholar, Ibn Rushd had translated the teachings of Aristotle and was a good friend of Hazrat Ibn Arabi’s (RA) father. He had heard about Sheikh Ibn Arabi (RA) and was very interested in meeting him. Sheikh Akbar Mohiudding Ibn Arabi (RA) narrated their meeting as follows:

“When I entered the house, Ibn Rushd excitedly said, ‘Yes!’ I also said ‘yes’ in reply. He was very happy as he believed that I understood exactly what he meant. I became aware of his habitual happiness and then said ‘no’ as well. Ibn Rushd’s facial expression changed. It looked like he had been thinking about something for a while and was now in doubt about it. He asked me, ‘What solution have you found through revelation?’ I replied, ‘Yes and no. the self runs away from its origin between ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and their necks are removed from their body.’ Listening to this, Ibn Rushd became pale. He understood the mechanism that I had pointed out to him and began to shiver as he praised the Lord, saying , ‘There is neither might, nor power (except God).’

Later, I wanted to see him again With the blessing of the Lord, he came before me in the world of the unseen where there was a veil of light between him and myself. I was able to see him through the veil, but he was unable to see me. He was not even aware that I was aware as he was so engrossed in his contemplation.’

Ibn Rush passed away in Morocco. His body was transferred to Cordoba where his grave can be found.


The great Sufi scientist Huzoor Qalandar Baba Auliya said: “It is the very same ‘real being’, the self from which there is no separation from God, and it is the first step towards cognizing Him. If the ‘self’ is deprived of the congnition of God, it considers itself separate from God. There are many stages of the self  becoming consumed with the attributes of God.

The first step is Belief. There are verses about belief in the opening of the Holy Quran stating that there is no room for doubt in the great book. The book provides guidance to those who embrace piety for the sake of God i.e. those who wish to avoid evil, those willing to follow the path of good deeds, and those whose heart has the inclination to follow the path.

They are those that believe in the unseen. The law states, that one must believe in the unseen in order to be introduced to it. Those people who wish to understand life and the universe and wish to solve its mysteries, but are na├»ve and believe the explanations givenby the ‘intellectuals’, cannot understand the truth of life and the universe. The story between Hazrat Ibn Arabi (RA) and Ibn Rush is a good example of this. The intellect was represented by the first ‘yes’, whereas the truth of life was hidden in the ‘yes and no’.

Nasma (divine light) encloses every single thing in the universe. Even the smallest particle in the universe is based on two types positive and negative.

The Nasma is the balance between these two. In other words, Nasma is the name given to the base rays (or waves) of movement, that are responsible for the formation of any being. These lines are spread around us in space in such a way that there is no distance between them, but they are not merged as one either. These lines also act as a base for the formation of physical objects.”

There are more than 250 writings of Sheikh Ibn Arabi (RA) of which ‘Fusus-al-Hikam’ and ‘Futuhat-al-Makkiyyah’ are well known to the public. He has said, ‘My intention was not the same as other writers. Some of the things I wrote were because they were an order from God, and It was such that I felt that I was about to burn without writing it, so I would keep myself busy with it. The reason for some of the things I wrote were because they were revealed to me in dreams.’

Sheikh Ibn Arabi (RA) passed away on 22nd Rabi-ul-Akhir 638 Hijri in Damascus. The tomb is at the side of mount Qasioun. The writer of ‘Hafh-al-Tyyab’ visited the tomb in 1037 Hiri. He has written, ‘I visited Sheikh Ibn Arabi (RA)  grave and repeatedly received blessings. I also observed divine lights whilst I was there.”

Sayings of Sheikh Ibn Arabi (RA)

“The process of congnising God is such that you should first know yourself. Whoever completely understand their self, will cognize God.”

“Every object in the universe is alive – it speaks and sees. Stones and plants praise God, but the average person cannot hear their praise. However, those who have been bestowed with the ability to ‘listen’ from God, can easily hear the praise of the creations.”

“In the same way God has saints, Satan too has his representatives. God has send his revelations to his prophets and Satan has inspired his own representatives. The difference is that the revelations form God motivate people to do well; whereas satanic temptations can only do evil.”

“O speaker! Your speech should match the standard of your listener. You should have the ability to know the hidden doubts and confusions of others and yourself. Be aware of those who present the teachings of scholars by distorting it.”

“Be modest when you desire to adopt something, as in any business, both extremes are liable to condemnation.”

“Every knowledgeable person holds knowledge as per their capacity”

“A distance is a veil. Closeness too is a veil. God is closer than our jugular vein, so what is the point of seventy thousand veils?”

“No one can reach the heights of knowledge unless they completely follow the message of God and act according to the teachings of the messenger of God (PBUH), and also respects the teachings of all prophets with all of their heart.”

“Rose and thorn, sorrow and gladness are linked together.”

The End
From Qalandar Shaoor Digest By Khawaja Shams Uddin Azeemi

Campanions of the Cave - [Episode #1]

The polytheists of Makkah asked three questions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); 1. Who were the companions of the Cave? 2. What is the truth about Hazrat Khidr (PBUH)? 3. What is the story of Dhu Qarnayn (PBUH)

Praise belongs to Allah who has send down the Book to His servant, and allowed no crookedness in it, a straightforward Book to warn of a severe punishment from Him, and to give the good news to the belieers, who do righteous deeds, that they will have an excellent reward (Paradise) in which they will dwell forever, and to warn those who have said that Allah has had a son, while they have no knowledge about it, nor had their fathers. Grave is the word that comes out of their mouths. They say nothing but lie. So, (O Prophet) perhaps you are going to kill yourself after them, out of grief, if they do not believe in this discourse. Surely, We have made what is on earth and adornment for it, so that We test them as to who among them is better in deeds. And surely, We are going to turn whatever is thereon into a barren land. Do you think that the People of Kahf (the Cave) and Raqim (inscription) were unusual out of Our signs? When the young men took refuge in the Cave and said; Our Lord, bless us with mercy from Your own and provide us with guidance in our matters. So, We sealed up their hearing (putting them to sleep) in the Cave for a number of years. Thereafter We raised them up, so that We know which of the two groups had better calculated the period in which they remained (sleeping). We narrate to you their story with truth. They were young men who believed in their Lord and We gave them more guidance. We made their hearts firm when they stood up and said; Our Lord is the Lord of the Heavens and the earth. We shall never invoke and god other than Him, otherwise we would be saying something far from the truth. These, our people, have adopted gods other than Him. Why do they not bring a clear proof in their favor? So, who is more unjust than the one who fabricates a lie against Allah? When you have turned away from them, and those whom they worship, except Allah, then seek refuge in the cave, and your Lord will extend His mercy for you, and provide you ease in your matters. You would see the sun, when it rose, turning away from their Cave towards the right; and when it set, it bypassed them towards the left and they were (lying) in the hollow thereof. That is one of the signs of Allah. Whomsoever Allah guides is the one who gets the right path and whomsoever He lets go astray, for him you will find no one to help, no one to lead. And you would think they were awake wile they were asleep. We turned them on their sides, right and left. And their dog had its forelegs stretched out to the doorstep. If you had a look at them, you would have fled away from them and would have been filled with awe of them. In this way We raised them up until they asked each other. One of them said; How long did you tarry? They said; A day, or part of a day. They said, Your Lord knows best how long you tarried. So, send one of you with this silver (coin) of yours to the city and let him look around which of the eatables are the purest and let him bring you some food from there. And he must act in polite manner, and must not let anyone know about you. If they (the habitants of the city) will know about you, they will force you to revert to their faith, and in that case, you will never find success. And in this way, We made them known to the people (of the city), so that they realize that Allah;s promise is true, and that there is no doubt about the Hour (the Day of Resurrection). When they were disputing among themselves in their matter, they said; Erect a building over them. Their Lord knows them best. Said those who prevailed in their matter: We will certainly make a mosque over them. Some will say: (They were) three, the fourth of them being their dog, and some will say: Five, the sixth of them being their dog, just making conjectures. And other will say: Seven, the eighth of them is their dog. Soy: My Lord knows best about their number. No one knows them except a few, so do not argue about them except an apparent argumentation. And do not ask anyone of these about them. And never say about anything: I will do this tomorrow, unliess (you say-- if) Allah wills. And remember your Lord if you forget, and say (to those who asked you about the story of the People of the Cave) May be, my Lord will lead me to something closer than this to guidance. They stayed in their Cave for three hundred years and added nine. Say: Allah knows best how long they stayed. To Him belongs the unseen of the heavens and the earth – how well He sees and how well He hears! They have no supporter other than Him and He lets no one share His authority. And recite what has been revealed to you of the Book of your Lord. There is no one to change His words, and you will never find a refuge beside Him. Keep yourself content with those who call their Lord morning and evening, seeking His pleasure, and let not your eyes over look them, seeking the splendor of the worldly life. And do not obey the one whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance, and who has followed his desire and whose behavior has exceeded the limits. (Quran, 18:1 - 28)

The Polytheists of Makkah asked three questions of Prophet Muhammad  (PBUH).
Who wre the companions of the Cave?
What is the truth about Hazrat Khidr (PBUH)?
What is the story of Dul Qarnayn (PBUH)?

The stories they asked about were related to the history of the Christians and Jews, but were not common stories amongst the Arabs. By asking these questions, their intention was to find out whether the messenger of God harboured knowledge of the unseen.

The event of the companions of the cave took place in the city of Rome, Ephesus, which was built at around Eleventh century BC. Later on, it become a major center for idol worship. People used to worship a statue of a goddess named Diana who was famous worldwide. People used to travel from long distances to worship at the statue. Magicians, operators, astrologists and amulet writers of this city were well renowned and their influence spread to other locations such as Syria, Palestine and Egypt. Jews had a big share in this business, and would relate their then knowledge to that of the Prophet Solomon (PBUH). Polytheism and the worship of imaginary gods were embedded within the culture. In Arabic, ‘Kahaf’ means a big cave.

According to history, there was a kind of Rome named Decius with a huge kingdom and massive army. Once, a king from another country attacked him. Decius fought and was victorious – the enemy king was killed and his sons arrested. According to some historians, the enemy king had six sons but others says that he is fact had five, The king of Rome, Decius, kept them all for his own service.
The king of Rome used to claim himself a god and commanded that everyone bow down to him. One night, the captured brothers sat together and began a discussion. The eldest of them said,

“This cursed person troubles us every day and also asks us to bow down to him. It is better for us to not serve him and escape from here to worship our Lord, Who created the earth and the heavens: and that will be best for us when the end of the world comes.” All of te brothers accepted this willingly. One of them said, :We need to somehow escape from here.”

Another proposed,

“When the king goes to play Choghan (a game similar to Polo), I will throw the ball out of the ground. When I go out to fetch it you all should follow, wearing old clothes a s disguise.”

The next day, the kind decided to play Choghan and took the captured brothers with him. In the evening, after the game finished, the bothers followed their plan and escaped Decius; kingdom.


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Seeing The Sould, Taking To The Soul - Short Story

In the book ''Ahsaan-o-Tasawwuf (now part of the Bahauddin Zakariya University syllabus), it says; "Sheikh Akbar (RA) said that he was once walking around the Ka'aba after Friday prayer and noticed a man who was also walking around it, only he did not collide with anyone around him. He understod that he was looking at a soul. He offered Salaam to the soul and was met with the same. They conversed for a bit and Sheikh Akbar (RA) realised that he was speaking with the soul of Sheikh Ahmen Suyuti (RA)."

In Ahsaan-o-Tassawuf, Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi has written; "Seeing the sould, taking to the soul, and visiting the heavens with your soul is all done through knowledge of the secrets of both the inner and outer self - and it is possibel for human beings."

Fetch This Woman's Husband - Short Story

In the book '101 Auliya Allah Khawateen' (101 Female Saints), it is stated; Hazarat Ibn Arabi (RA) said, "I served Bibi fatima Bint Al-Masna (RA) for years.

 One day, a women came to her and said, 'My husband is in another city, and I fear that he will get married again. Please pray for me that he returns here.'

Bibi Fatima (RA) said,'Very well, and began to recite Surah Fatiha. I saw a soul appear in front of her as she recited and Bibi Fatima (RA) then said to the soul, Fetch this woman's husband.' After some time had passed, the woman returned happily, bringing news of her husband's return."

I Wll Have A Boy, And I Will Give Him To You - Short Story

Hazarat Ali Bin Muhammad (RA) did not have a child of his own until the age of 50. He visited his mentor, the great Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) and requested that a prayer be done for him to rectify this.

The Sheikh prayed and inspiration came to him revealing that it was no within Hazrat Ali Bin Muhammad's (RA) fate to have a child - no unless, someone were to give him their child.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) said, "I will have a boy, and i will give him to you. He will be renowned  as on e of the followers of Muhammad (PBUH). Name the child Muhammad."

When the boy was born, Hazrat Ali Bin Muhammad (RA) took him to the great Sheikh (RA). His mentor said, "Insha' Allah, this boy will reach a very high rank of sainthood."

Stages of the Self [Episode #1]

"Does this fire burn?" He replied with, "Yes it does. It is the same fire." I took the hearth and toppled in over the philosopher's shirt, rolling the burning coals within my bare hands. The fire did not affect me nor the shirt. I then asked him to put his hand in the fire, and as he did so.


Muhammad Bin Ali, also known as Sheikh Mohi-uddin Ibn Arabi (RA) was born in Murcia a city in Andalusia (Spain). He was born on 17th Ramdan-ul-Mubarak, 560 Hijiri. At the age of 20, he attended a party in Ishbiliyah. Drinks were on offer after the meal and the decanter made his way to him. As Sheikh Mohi-uddin Ibn Arabi (RA) held the cup in his hand he heard a voice from the unseen, "Is it for this that you were created?"

Upon hearing the voice, he put the cup down and left the party in a sate of concern. He found a shepherd with dirty clothes at the door. He gave his own clothes to the shepherd and donned the dirty attire himself. He wandered for a while in abandoned areas and finally settled down at a graveyard near a broken grave stone, falling into the remembrance of his Lord.

After that event, he kept himself busy with prayers and spiritual exercises for nine months. Before dawn he would adopt the sate of solitude, and by dawn would have achieved Fatah (the awakening of spiritual visual power that allow the secrets of the universe to become visible). After Fatah, the state of Abdar would engulf him, and eventually, other stations of spirituality became visible to him.

Describing one of his revelations, Hazarat Ibn Arabi (RA) has written; "During the prayer of Asr at the Al-Azhar Mosque, I saw that everything was bright with divine light. During this period, I saw that there was no differentiation between the different directions. I had a similar experience earlier, hoever, back then I could only see the phenomenon directly in front of me"

Hazarat Ibn Arabi (RA) purified himself and became as polished as a mirror, and was able to find out deepest, hidden truth about all things.

Hazarat Ibn Arabi (RA) met Abu Abdullah Al-Tertoosi (RA) in Tilmisan, Ibn Arabi (RA) harboured some negative feelings in his heart about him, as Abu Abdullah (RA) was speaking out against Abu Madyan (RA). On a particular night, Ibn Arabi (RA) was blessed to se the messenger of God (PBUH). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked him, "Why do you consider him to be so bad?" Ibn Arabi (RA) replied, "Because of his hatred towards Abu Madyan (RA)." Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then said, "Does he love Allah and myself?" :O Messenger of God (PBUH), he loves God and You." " So, if he loves God and Me, why do you not love him?" " O Messenger of God (PBUH), I repent!"

Huzoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) said, "People exaggerated  their opinions too much when they speak. They glorify others to the sky if they wish to praise them, and then bring them down below dirt when they are angry with the same person.

People do not really realize what they say during these moments. They will talk good things about someone for two minutes before criticizing the same person later. Because of this, you cannot rely on their conversation about whether someone else is good or bad. They are being hypocritical, although they do not realize it."

""To be biased is to be weak, and no one has complete control over this. The method to avoid this bias is by never speaking poorly of any one. If they are bad, leave it to between them and God. Similarly, speaking well of someone through bias will also bring you no reward: however, in this case, no punishment will come of it either. A better method to live by is to speak well of people, regardless of whether they are good or bad even. If they are bad people, speak of them as if they were good even if it is difficult to do. By doing this, you will think well of those who treat you with love and sincerity, and even if they give you problems later on and you turn against them, you will  have already told others that they were good, and hence will not be able to speak badly of them without contradiction yourself."

To Be Continue......

From: Qalandar Shaoor Digest [NEUTRAL THINKING]

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Message of the Day!

Ways of communication, expression of opinion, understanding, result and action over result, dependency and control in response to the action, success or failure is discussed when one understands what life is? Why it is? And if life is an act to fulfill worldly and religious needs then what action itself is? When actions come under discussion, it becomes mandatory to ponder over the fact that is man independent over his actions...? If he is,  then what is a dependent life?

Allah says in Quran:
"Nay! Surely the record of the wicked is in Sijjin.
And what will explain to thee what Sijjin is?
a Register inscribed" (83:7-9)

"Nay, verily the record of the Righteous is in Elliyyeen.
And what will explain to thee what Elliyyun is?
a Register inscribed" (83:18-20)

What did you understand what is Elliyyeen, the pious life and Sijjeen, Asfal (the lowest) life? It is a written book. It means that every knowledge is a record. It is impossible to understand life if there is no record of it. The meaning of word life is taken as movement. When we utter the word movement, it means both aspects hidden and unhidden become visible and after that hide into the thick layers of Ghaib (the hidden world). he hidden is Ghaid and the unhidden is manifestation.

If one understands with the help of Divine light then Torah, Psalms, Bible, other scriptures and the last Divine book Quran Kareem explain the law of ascent (Saood) and descent (Nuzool). Instructions in this regard are given with clear reasoning.

It is difficult but not impossible to figure out that on which belt millions of worlds, trillions of suns, zillions of moon and heavens are travelling? What is that path on which they are travelling towards their defined destination? Path means that way where every direction illuminates the faith. When the seeker follows the divine books and teachings of prophets, he receives guidance which is free of doubts.

Allah says in Quran.

"And those who strive in Our cause - We will certainly guide them to our Paths; For verily Allah is with those who do right." (29:69)

Things come into being when there is a creator. Example of world is before us. One must struggle persistently to understand it not only by words but through actions as well.

Respected ladies and gentlemen, with the blessings of Allah and the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), I intend to present that knowledge that has been transferred to me with the beneficence of Hazoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (R.A). What is that knowledge... It is "Ilm-e-Huzoori"

Readers are aware that except Allah, everything in this world has two dimensions. This fact is evident in each and every creature. For instance, hunger and thirst, childern, family, necessities, food, knowledge and ignorance, cold and hot, hot and cold, relief and pain, happiness and grief, sleep and wake, activaiton of senses in both states, seen and unseen, life and death, peace and restlessness, besides that eleven thousand and five hundred hidden and unhidden Divine attributes, restriction of time and space and the life free of its boundaries... there are all such elements without which the word life is meaningless.

It is an observation that when we are awake, despite being bounded by time and space one can liberate himself from the limitations of time and space. Its seems difficult but can be comprehended easily with the help of example.

1. Suppose my name is Zaid. I am sitting beside my wife, adorable children, parents and my maternal grandmother. I hear a voice, sweet and soft; the moment it touches the air drum, I suddently look for my paternal grandmother. As soon the waves cross each other, I see my grandmother standing before me. I open, close and rub my eyes but the image exists and i become lost in the past.

Dear readers. You must have also experienced it. If we consider it the out come of thought then It's a matter of significance that we don't act unless the waves of thoughts are displayed on the screen of out mind. We go to cinema. Every home has a television; Ethical and unethical programs are being aired but their source waves are not visible. And when the waves hit the screen, the pictures hidden in the waves become visible.

Elders and Friends are requested to think deeply that when Zaid, you or I take juice, are not the waves of juice that provides us information similar to that of radio, TV or mobile phones....?

A thing cannot be taken by any mean if lens in camera doesn't appear and then disappear after taking the picture. If eye is analogous to camera and camera film as the human brain, it would be said that the eye of camera which wa earlier close, opens.... Shutter falls (functioning of shutter is equivalent ot the blinking of lashes), lense captures the image and transfers it on to the brain screen.

Is not the act of camera and eye similar to hide and seek...? If yes, then how camera lens saw the grandmother who was not present physically...? And the moment eye twinkled, grandmother disappeared.

I am watching an object with open eyes, the pupil works like a camera lens, the lashes blink like a shutter and then what happened....? Then what happened...? Slove the puzzle.

2. Also consider that our conscious is suspended. We are sleeping. No sooner we shut the eyes than the other eye which is inside us.... opens. We do everything which we do when we are awake. Our physical body is unaware and conscious is suspended. Whether the bed is soft or hard, we sleep and while sleeping we remain unaware of the surroundings.

3. In the dream we are enjoying picnic with friends. We have fish, Kebabs, Sandwiches, Biryani and various other food items on paper plates along with soft drinks. Is there any difference between the two states, sleep and awake... if yes then what is that?

Dear readers, I explained you a fact from the teachings of my teacher Hazoor Qalandar Baba Aulia (R.A) from three diverse aspects.

There are 23 classes taught in spiritual sciences. In spiritual Sciences, knowledge is learnt in three ways. Tasawwuf terms them as

1. Summary ( Ijmall )
2. Explaination (Tafseel )
3. Secrets (Asrar)

If readers thoroughly read "Message of the day", these three aspects will illuminate minds. Inshallah.

Read it thrice if the secrets don't unfold and write to us whatever you understood.

From: Qalandar Shaoor Digest [NEUTRAL THINKING] By Khawaja Sams Uddin Azeemi

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Get Heaven In Business Class

One Day, we all will depart
On a Journey Free of Cost.

Don't worry about seat reservation, it is confirmed.
The flight is always on time.

Our good deeds will be our luggage.
humanity will be our passport.

Love will be our visa.
Make sure we do our best to travel to

Heaven in Business Class

Become a Beacon

Six Colors - Short Information

The basic element of fundamental ingredient of the creation is colour and diffusion of colours.

Human being is the best creation out of all creations of God.
Things come into existence within six circles of light; each circle is a compound of different colours.

From Qalandar Shoor Digest - [NEUTRAL THINKING]

One Nut and Two Boys - Short Story

Two little boys were playing together.

One of them saw a nut on the ground.
Before he could pick it, the other boy took it.

The first boy demanded, "Give me the nut. It's mine. I saw it first".

The other boy replied, "It's mind, I took it".

This led to a quarrel.
Just then a tall boy came that way who said, "Give me the nut and I'll settle your quarrel".
He split the nut into two parts, took out the fruit-see. He gave one half-shell to one boy and the other half-shell to the other.

He put the fruit seed into his mouth and said, "This is for settling your quarrel".

From Qalandar Shaoor Digest - [NEUTRAL THINKING]

Glider and Mr.Green [Episode #3]

"Two feathers, please," the stout stall man murmured, his eyes were narrow and sharp and his face had a permanent look of disgust.

Currency in the parrot world was measured through feathers; the brighter the colour of the feather, the higher it was valued.

Glider handed the stall man two feathers and picked a bag of chillies.

"You get them for free?" Glider asked the disgusted man, "the chillies?"

"Aye," the stall man hissed in reply. "We all do,"

"There is a lot of money in the business," another man joined the conversation - his left leg seemed a bit limp. "Are you interested kid?"

"Of course!" Glider leapt at the opportunity. "If you could guide me."

"See that" the disgusted man pointed to a huge wooden box that lay at the end of the market. "Every morning, chillies are harvested from there."

Harvesting took place every morning when the stall men came to work. There were dozens of chillies in the box every morning and the stall man who appeared to work early had the advantage of picking the best chillies in the box.

"Where do they come from?" Glider broodingly asked.

"Been doing business for seven years kid." the disgusted man snorted."Never felt the need to know." After handing a bad of chillies to a customer, the disgusted man continued, "The chillies appear and we make our money - that's all I care about." The parrot counted the money in his bushy hand, the green in his eyes glowing.

The whole town seemed to be without town seemed to be without motion. Sleep had taken everything. The silence seemed akin to being deaf; not a single creature moved in the late hour. All life, all motion that filled the town during the day was all but drained during the night. Everything was almost lifeless: almost dead.

Curiosity kept him wide awake, alert to every movement and sound. The weak branches he perched upon barely supported his weight, as the leaves rustled continuously. He gazed at the sky. The black sky was slowly catching light; shades of blue started to appear on the horizon. He had been sitting there for five hours and his legs felt numb, his head felt heavy, and his body ached from sheer exhaustion, but he sat there adamantly. Glider peeked at the wooden box every now and then, but to his disappointment it just sat there empty. The appearance of the chillies was an unsolved mystery and Glider was simply too curious to let it go. He had to know, he had to find out.

"Maybe they grow within the box?" Glider tried to reason with himself, but upon closer inspection, found that there was no evidence to support his theory. The box showed no sign of chillies. Only a musty smell occupied it.

He was too tired now.

"It was a hopeless idea," he said, scolding himself. His eyelids had become heavy, and his head began to droop: sleep was conquering him slowly. Images started appearing in his head. Images of his mother, images of Mr.Green, and images of the stall men - all of their voices thundered in his head, al of their images twirling together, moving round and round inside his little head, He was about to fall form the branch when he suddenly snapped back into consciousness. He glanced at the sky which seemed blurred; shades of blue suspended.

Then, something peculiar caught his eye, something peculiar caught his eye, something that startled him. His eyes sprung open, his vision cleared, and his breathing accelerated.

"This can't be," he whispered in disbelief. It sat way beneath the sky, beneath the trees, but outside the vicinity of the cage. There was a figure - a parrot.

The international science committee of the parrot world had informed the parrot population that life did not exist outside the cage. That the trees outside the cage did not bear life, and that the parrots in the cage could not visit the Unknown without support. Further research into the Unknown had resulted in telescopes being formed and parrots were even launched into the Unknow, but little success had been achieved. Hence, another custom of the parrot community was to reject all theories that approved of life in the Unknown. Despite this belief, incidents of life being seen outside the cage were heard of, and the concept was beginning to catch the interest of many people.

Just when Glider was about to hail the silhouette outside, and abrupt bang captured his attention; it came from the wooden box. Turning to look at it, Glider saw it suspended in the air. Hir eyes widened, his mouth dropped open, and his breathing accelerated once again.


From Qalandar Shoor Digest - [NEUTRAL THINKING]

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Glider and Mr.Green [Episode #2]

He remembered a conference he had visited recently; 'The Annual Science Conference', where intellectuals from across the world had visited. The prolonged debate had been about the use of wings - many had come forward to present their stance.

"It helps us parrots keep balance," a scientist from the East cage wing demonstrated through a presentation of his research.

"It keeps us warm and prevents our bodies from getting too cold," another scholar explained.

"Perhaps they are there to help us fly," said another. Silence took hold of the once noisy hall suddenly. Everyone stared at the speaker with petrified faces and whispered to one another, their pointy eyes wide in horror.

"That is completely nonsense!" They all yelled. This was the custom in the world of parrots. Inside the cage, no one dared talk about the possibility of flying outside. The outside world which the caged parrots referred to as "the unknown" was a place feared by everyone.

"We can't go outside," Mr.Green's mother had said to him once, when he had asked where his late grandmother was. "Only the dead can see the Unknown."

That night had been particularly wet. Dark clouds invaded the sky, thunder roared its victory through out the region, heavy rain hindered vission, and the cold had penetrated everyone's bones.

"A world awaits us out there." Triumph and fear flashed through his eyes; his questions were finally being answered, and his blind eyes were seeing light.

"you cannot!" She stared at him in horror. Her heart had been thumping wildly that night, as she trembled through either cold or fear. Her husband seemed like another person altogether - she could hardly recognize him. He was too different, too foreign; an alien.

"They restrain us, they hold us back when we... When we can fly." He stared at the sky, his face illuminated only momentarily by strikes of thunder.

"Think of your mother," she struggled to say. "And... And your father." It seemed as if all of her power and strength had been wrenched from her. "Think about Glider!" He throat had dried, and her voice was hoarse.The fear of Glider losing his father paralyzed her.

"Forgive me," he said, and in a flash, he had gone; gone into the Unknown.

Several wooden stalls made a line down the busy market. "Chillies! Chillies!" they wailed, their lound voices echoing throughout. The market place was crowded with all sorts of people; men in suits, women, children, and parrots from all around the world visited as it was the only market in the world. 'The Red Market' the entrance sign read.

Glider and Mr.Green [Episode #1]

Dark clouds invaded the sky, thunder roared its victory throughout the region, heavy rain hindered vision, and the cold had penetrated everyone's bones.

He felt lost; incomplete. He felt as if a part of him, a part of his soul, was missing. From the moment he was born he felt a natural inclination towards the sky. It was so vast and so beautiful. It felt as though the sky called to him, welcomed him somehow, and yet he and those around him. welcomed him somehow, and yet he and those around him had never attempted to approach it: why? He often questioned his elders. "Shush,:" they would answer. It was prohibited to talk about the sky or even anything related to it. But Glider's questions about the sky and flight did not cease.

Glider was a curious kid at school, always eager to learn and discover new things. He was an excellent student and his teachers were very fond of him. "Alwyas wanting to learn more," they would often comment.

It was a warm afternoon when Glider approached his teacher Mr.Green at school, rather anxiously. "All of this education Mr. Green," he suddenly began. "It seems to be getting us nowhere."

Mr.Green was Glider's favorite teacher; he would often discuss with him for hours on various theories and philosophies - Mr.Green never grew tired of answering his questions. He was a renowned scholar, popular for his books and philosophies and even he had rarely seen a student like Glider.

"Why would you say that, Glider? He replied, surprised at Glider's abrupt statement.

"Mr.Green, we stand at the same place we stood many years ago. There haven't been any major discoveries or inventions even after the number of intellectuals and scientists greatly increasing."

"I disagree, Glider. There has been progress," Mr.Green remarked.

"No Sir, With time we only undergo doubt. More uncertaintly is what we call progress."

This statement astonished Mr.Green. Given Glider's young age, such a statement had been very profound. He at once knew that Glider was a very special child and was destined to fly high.

"We are caged Sir," Glider said to his teacher one day. Mr. Green had stared at him in disbelief and immediately ordered Glider to leave, thinking that the line of thought Glider had was not one he should pursue. Mr.Green travelled home that day and examined at himself. He saw a small green moustache, a protruding, red beak and a pair of green wings.