Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Glider and Mr.Green [Episode #1]

Dark clouds invaded the sky, thunder roared its victory throughout the region, heavy rain hindered vision, and the cold had penetrated everyone's bones.

He felt lost; incomplete. He felt as if a part of him, a part of his soul, was missing. From the moment he was born he felt a natural inclination towards the sky. It was so vast and so beautiful. It felt as though the sky called to him, welcomed him somehow, and yet he and those around him. welcomed him somehow, and yet he and those around him had never attempted to approach it: why? He often questioned his elders. "Shush,:" they would answer. It was prohibited to talk about the sky or even anything related to it. But Glider's questions about the sky and flight did not cease.

Glider was a curious kid at school, always eager to learn and discover new things. He was an excellent student and his teachers were very fond of him. "Alwyas wanting to learn more," they would often comment.

It was a warm afternoon when Glider approached his teacher Mr.Green at school, rather anxiously. "All of this education Mr. Green," he suddenly began. "It seems to be getting us nowhere."

Mr.Green was Glider's favorite teacher; he would often discuss with him for hours on various theories and philosophies - Mr.Green never grew tired of answering his questions. He was a renowned scholar, popular for his books and philosophies and even he had rarely seen a student like Glider.

"Why would you say that, Glider? He replied, surprised at Glider's abrupt statement.

"Mr.Green, we stand at the same place we stood many years ago. There haven't been any major discoveries or inventions even after the number of intellectuals and scientists greatly increasing."

"I disagree, Glider. There has been progress," Mr.Green remarked.

"No Sir, With time we only undergo doubt. More uncertaintly is what we call progress."

This statement astonished Mr.Green. Given Glider's young age, such a statement had been very profound. He at once knew that Glider was a very special child and was destined to fly high.

"We are caged Sir," Glider said to his teacher one day. Mr. Green had stared at him in disbelief and immediately ordered Glider to leave, thinking that the line of thought Glider had was not one he should pursue. Mr.Green travelled home that day and examined at himself. He saw a small green moustache, a protruding, red beak and a pair of green wings.

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