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Stages of the Self [Episode #1]

"Does this fire burn?" He replied with, "Yes it does. It is the same fire." I took the hearth and toppled in over the philosopher's shirt, rolling the burning coals within my bare hands. The fire did not affect me nor the shirt. I then asked him to put his hand in the fire, and as he did so.


Muhammad Bin Ali, also known as Sheikh Mohi-uddin Ibn Arabi (RA) was born in Murcia a city in Andalusia (Spain). He was born on 17th Ramdan-ul-Mubarak, 560 Hijiri. At the age of 20, he attended a party in Ishbiliyah. Drinks were on offer after the meal and the decanter made his way to him. As Sheikh Mohi-uddin Ibn Arabi (RA) held the cup in his hand he heard a voice from the unseen, "Is it for this that you were created?"

Upon hearing the voice, he put the cup down and left the party in a sate of concern. He found a shepherd with dirty clothes at the door. He gave his own clothes to the shepherd and donned the dirty attire himself. He wandered for a while in abandoned areas and finally settled down at a graveyard near a broken grave stone, falling into the remembrance of his Lord.

After that event, he kept himself busy with prayers and spiritual exercises for nine months. Before dawn he would adopt the sate of solitude, and by dawn would have achieved Fatah (the awakening of spiritual visual power that allow the secrets of the universe to become visible). After Fatah, the state of Abdar would engulf him, and eventually, other stations of spirituality became visible to him.

Describing one of his revelations, Hazarat Ibn Arabi (RA) has written; "During the prayer of Asr at the Al-Azhar Mosque, I saw that everything was bright with divine light. During this period, I saw that there was no differentiation between the different directions. I had a similar experience earlier, hoever, back then I could only see the phenomenon directly in front of me"

Hazarat Ibn Arabi (RA) purified himself and became as polished as a mirror, and was able to find out deepest, hidden truth about all things.

Hazarat Ibn Arabi (RA) met Abu Abdullah Al-Tertoosi (RA) in Tilmisan, Ibn Arabi (RA) harboured some negative feelings in his heart about him, as Abu Abdullah (RA) was speaking out against Abu Madyan (RA). On a particular night, Ibn Arabi (RA) was blessed to se the messenger of God (PBUH). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked him, "Why do you consider him to be so bad?" Ibn Arabi (RA) replied, "Because of his hatred towards Abu Madyan (RA)." Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then said, "Does he love Allah and myself?" :O Messenger of God (PBUH), he loves God and You." " So, if he loves God and Me, why do you not love him?" " O Messenger of God (PBUH), I repent!"

Huzoor Qalandar Baba Auliya (RA) said, "People exaggerated  their opinions too much when they speak. They glorify others to the sky if they wish to praise them, and then bring them down below dirt when they are angry with the same person.

People do not really realize what they say during these moments. They will talk good things about someone for two minutes before criticizing the same person later. Because of this, you cannot rely on their conversation about whether someone else is good or bad. They are being hypocritical, although they do not realize it."

""To be biased is to be weak, and no one has complete control over this. The method to avoid this bias is by never speaking poorly of any one. If they are bad, leave it to between them and God. Similarly, speaking well of someone through bias will also bring you no reward: however, in this case, no punishment will come of it either. A better method to live by is to speak well of people, regardless of whether they are good or bad even. If they are bad people, speak of them as if they were good even if it is difficult to do. By doing this, you will think well of those who treat you with love and sincerity, and even if they give you problems later on and you turn against them, you will  have already told others that they were good, and hence will not be able to speak badly of them without contradiction yourself."

To Be Continue......

From: Qalandar Shaoor Digest [NEUTRAL THINKING]

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