Monday, 13 March 2017

The Autobiography Of The Devil (Iblees) - Ep #1

Before I commence with my autobiography I would like to request that at this moment in time I do not have a translator present who can write my sequence of events as I dictate them. It is evident that I will not be able to participate in both events simultaneously, I do not have the time and not is there a need for me to do so. My objective is to bring into light the events of my life and my biography and for this it is not necessary for me to worry about or be concerned about precedence and delay. The only thing the readers of the events of my life need to question is: why did I not keep this secretive system hidden and intact?


The time of my birth and the situation prior to it is so vast and immense that the intellect of mankind cannot begin to comprehend even the most outer boundaries of this knowledge. In order to get this naive man to understand the situation I have to write every-thing systematically in detail. Because man is a clay statue of inadequate intellectual capacity and due to his restricted intellect and wisdom he is never prepared to believe and accept. And so in order for me to get this immature man to comprehend. I have to meticulously describe the incidents that occurred  prior to my birth and explain as to why the situation on earth is in the current state that it is in.

The first thing that I need to explain to you is why the universe was created and how it was created.

How did the universe come in to existence? I am very well versed with the answer to this question and indeed I was taught the knowledge of the universe. But why did the universe come into being? I only have one answer to this question and no one has the nerve to dare to refute the answer.

The Loard Creator was asked:
"O Loard what is your purpose for creating the universe?  Why was this whole story play enacted out"?

The reply received from the Most Wise was:
"I was a Hidden Treasure; it correctly came into my knowledge that I be recognized, so I created the universe."

Now tell me who can argue against this and what room is there left for dispute when the Creator has Himself told you that 'it perfectly came in to My knowledge that I be recognized and for this reason I created the universe?'. Then what right has anyone got to raise another question? Thank God that the Creator has Himself answered this question Himself.

Next remains the question as to how the universe was created. Let me tell you that I know the answer to this question very inherently. Why don't I just clearly tell you that my Lord Creator has explained this to me in various times and stages. Some of the answers were explained to me without me having to find out and some were taught by virtue of the cognition of the Lord God by the angels. I have been granted this education and thought it necessary to explain to you how the universe came into fashion before I commence with the events of my life. The situation was as follows:

(to be continue....)

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