Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Autobiography of The Devil (Ibless) Ep #2

There was one very special Noor (Luminous Light) which I was taught about. It was explained to me that this was the Noor of the Final Messenger and Prophet of all time. I was fortunate enough to have witnessed this Noor over and over again; this was at the time when I was arrested and taken up to the heavens.

Ah Yes! The situation was that at this moment in time there was nothing else in the universe, only the Noor of the Lord God was prevalent and illuminating in every direction. And so for His recognition to create the universe.

The Lord God then divided this Noor into two halves. The first half contained a secret which the Lord God kept confidential only to Himself. This first half was more bright and abundant in splendour; the Supreme Creator Himself gave in the name 'Noor'.

The second half was equal in quantity but was not of the same grade as the Supreme Noor and it had specific quantities of the splendour of the first half removed from it.

The second half was again further divided into two portions. The first portion was especially converted in order to give it superiority over the second portion. This first portion was prescribed the name 'Nar' and from it the nation of Jinn was created. The remaining second portion (which contained even fewer qualities of the Supreme Noor) was set aside for the creation of the souls of the devils and the animal kingdom.

And thus the division was such that the first half was pure a Noor and had the exclusive splendour in it, it was specified for the Holy Souls, the angels and likewise creatures and the heavens etc. and so the first Soul to be created from it was that of the Last Prophet. Next the Pen and Scriptrum, intellect and all the dimensions and bodies came in to being.

The second half of he pure Noor had the particular specific illuminations removed from it was then split into two portions. One portion was altered to give precedence over the other portion. The first portion was specifically set aside for the creation of the souls of the Jinn and the second portion was specified for the creation of the souls of the devils.

From the first division of the Noor, the creatures that came into being from it were bound by the obligation of worship; this is because they were created from the specific pure Noor. As a result the duty of obligation became part of their nature and they remained innocent. Also because these creatures were created from pure Noor they did not reflect a shadow.

The second division had the spcific qualities of radiance taken out of it but still contained one part of Noor, this portion was specified for the nation of Jinn. And hence the shadow of the Jinn did not reflect on the earth either. Nar (Fire) was dominant in them due to the lesser quantity of Noor.

Due to the dominance of Nar the creatures created from it led themselves onto a destructive path. There were instances where some of the individuals of this nation were completely void of any faith or any belief and this too was a result of the Nar being prevalent in them. Yes, there was a glimmer of Noor present in these creatures but as I have said, the Nar was more domineering in them and so the nature of destruction was more widespread in this nation.

However, these were the circumstances regarding the creation of the universe and I have narrated these very briefly. Let me skip over all other stories and events and go straight to the point where my life began. Many foolish humans think that I am an angel, and some of the most intelligent and educated people share this view too. There are some who believe that I am the 'Head Angel' and for this reason I am famous for being the teacher of the angels. It is a well-known fact that the people of the world know very little about me, as to who I am, and how I came in to the situation that I am currently in. They have very little understanding of this. Due to the limited knowledge of man and his imperfect intellect, his specific individual nature, his mischievous mind, I swear the events that I am narrating are true and correct. At the time when I was born, 124000 years had lapsed since the universe had come into formation.

(To Be Continue....)

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